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Yale Link Bluetooth Module

  • Brand:Yale
  • HSN | Model : Yale Link BLE
  • Availability: In Stock

  • ₹3,936.23

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Yale Link Bluetooth Module


Yale Bluetooth communication module allows lock to communicate and be controlled via a Smart Phone (within Bluetooth range of the lock) using the YALE Link App 


  • Can be paired with Yale Link Wifi Bridge to operate lock remotely from anywhere
  • Compatibility: Compatible with YDM 4109, YDM 3109, YDR 4110, YDD 424, YDR 50G, YDR 41, YDM 4109 RL, YMF 40, G- Slide
  • Set your locks location with the App and phone will prompt you to unlock your door when you approach it.
  • Add or delete codes, cards or fingerprints (depending on your model) without using the lock keypad.
  • Manage authorization including user codes and set up visitor/ one time codes from your phone
  • Monitor the entrance, alarm and register history of the lock from your phone
  • Requirement: Mobile devices with Bluetooth 4.0 or higher version iPhone 5 or later version/ iOS 8.0 or higher version Android 5.0 or higher version

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